Eating Hotdog – Ninounini. (681 Mb)

Eating Hotdog - Ninounini. (681 Mb)
Eating Hotdog - Ninounini. (681 Mb)

I have a very naughty desire; that of shoving big sausages up my ass, then making a shitty hotdog and eating it! Yum !
I have several types of sausage: medium, and a HUGE.
I’ll start by spraying my ass with mustard and ketchup, then I’ll play with a sausage in my anus all excited. I will also lick sausage with shit coming out of my ass.
I’m going to put a sausage in my ass to reveal it like an explosion, and I’ll even do it with 2 sausages in my anus twice in the video!
Tickling my anus with these sausages makes me extremely want to shit. So I’m going to make a big turd and piss at the same time, to then play again directly with the sausages, then come and cross my mouth with it and suck 2 of them directly at the same time in my mouth (with shit).
I’m then going to suck my turd, before spreading it all over my face and hair and playing again with the sausages in my mouth!
I spray my ass again with mustard and ketchup to continue to smash my ass with sausages.
I lie on my back, my ass in front of you, and generously spread shit on it, before playing with sausages. This time I shove the HUGE sausage further up my ass and prolapse slightly.
I then change position, and I play again with a normal sausage, but also again with the HUGE sausage that explodes my ass!
The shit on my face has dried nice and dry, I stretch my face tight from the shit dryness, before preparing my hotdog with: hotdog bun, mustard, ketchup and of course, a good poop-coated sausage. I eat several big bites and show you that I swallowed everything!

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